Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc. Datasheets for FIFO Memory

First-in, first-out (FIFO) memory chips are used in buffering applications between devices that operate at different speeds or in applications where data must be stored temporarily for further processing.
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Product Name Notes
16 x 5 FIFO -- 54S225/R The 54S00/74S00 series of product is fabricated with a non-saturating Schottky clamped transistor technique. This family of TTL product consists of very high performance and high power devices.
64-Bit FIFO Buffer Memory (16 x 4) -- 9403/L The following LSI parts were originally supported by Signetics.
FIFO RAM Controller -- 8X60/Y These integrated circuits, which were originally manufactured by Signetics, fall under the broad category of Bipolar LSI.