Radiant Vision Systems Datasheets for Color Meters and Appearance Instruments

Color meters and appearance instruments are used to measure the properties of paints and coatings including color, gloss, haze and transparency.
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Product Name Notes
PM-NFMS™ Series ProMetric® Near-Field Measurement System -- PM-NFMS0400
PM-NFMS™: ProMetric® Near-Field Measurement System -- PM-NFMS0800
Comprehensive view angle performance characterization for large light sources PM-NFMS™ (ProMetric® Near-Field Measurement System) measures brightness, color, and, optionally, spectrum as a function of view angle for large light sources.
NIR Intensity Lens for Near-IR Light Source Measurement -- NIR Intensity Lens Fast, accurate radiant intensity measurement solution for evaluation of near-infrared light sources and distributions Near-Infrared Intensity Lens Solution The Radiant Vision Systems Near-Infrared (NIR) Intensity Lens system is an integrated...
Conoscope Lens for Viewing Angle Performance Measurement -- FPD Conoscope Fast, Accurate, Low-cost View Angle Performance Measurement Solution for Displays The Radiant Vision Systems conoscope lens enables high-resolution photopic measurement of the angular distribution of color, luminance, and contrast of...
ProMetric® Y16: 16-Megapixel Imaging Photometer -- IP-PMY16
ProMetric® Y2: 2-Megapixel Imaging Photometer -- IP-PMY2
ProMetric® Y29: 29-Megapixel Imaging Photometer -- IP-PMY29
ProMetric® Y43: 43-Megapixel Imaging Photometer -- IP-PMY43
Fast, small-format Photometers optimized for display test and cosmetic inspection in production environments ProMetric® Y is a series of high-performance imaging photometers designed for high-volume production testing of displays, smartphones,...
SIG-400 Source Imaging Goniometer® -- SIG-400 Precise measurement of near-field luminous intensity specifically for LEDs and other small light sources The SIG-400 (Source Imaging Goniometer®, Gen. 4) is a fully automated, computer-controlled goniometric system designed specifically...
AR/VR Lens for Near-Eye Display Testing within Headsets -- AR/VR Lens Specially-designed lens option for near-eye display testing within augmented and virtual reality headsets The Radiant Vision Systems AR/VR lens has a unique optical design specially engineered for measuring near-eye displays...
ProMetric® I16: 16-Megapixel Series High-Resolution Imaging Colorimeter -- IC-PMI16
ProMetric® I2: 2-Megapixel Series High-Resolution Imaging Colorimeter -- IC-PMI2
ProMetric® I29: 29-Megapixel Series High-Resolution Imaging Colorimeter -- IC-PMI29
ProMetric® I8: 8-Megapixel Series High-Resolution Imaging Colorimeter -- IC-PMI8
The World's Fastest and Most Accurate High-Resolution Imaging Colorimeters The ProMetric® I family of imaging colorimeters is designed to address the demands for high-volume manufacturing of displays, illuminated keyboards and...