Digi-Key Electronics Datasheets for Network Bridges

Network bridges connect network segments so that devices on both segments can communicate as if they were part of the same network. The centralize network administration and are easier to configure than network routers, which require IP addressing for each computer on each segment.
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Product Name Notes
Gateways, Routers -- 1976-1066-ND CANBRIDGE NT420 4 CHAN 2 CONV
Gateways, Routers -- 1165-1133-ND GATEWAY MODBUS 4 PORT
Gateways, Routers -- 2137-SLI-IC1-M00-C-ND ICAST1 IOT MODBUS BRIDGE
Gateways, Routers -- 1165-1135-ND ROUTER 3G HSPA ETH
Gateways, Routers -- 881-1285-ND ROUTER 4G/3G AT&T/T-MOBILE ETHER
Gateways, Routers -- 1165-1136-ND SERIAL DEVICE SERVER 1-PORT
Gateways, Routers -- 1165-1134-ND WI-FI ETH BRIDGE/ROUTER DUAL