S.I. Tech, Inc. Datasheets for Network Hubs

Network hubs provide a central location for attaching wires to workstations. Often, these hardware devices include a network switch that controls how and where data is forwarded.
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Product Name Notes
USB Wireless Hub -- 2174
USB Wireless Hub -- 2175
S.I.Tech 2174/2175 USB media pair extends the range of USB 2.0 beyond the USB 5 meter limit. The 2174 and 2175 are wireless and use radio waves for data transmission.
Passive 4 to 24 Optical Transmissive Star -- 9024 S.I.Tech 9024 is a 4 to 24 transmissive star that allows distribution of optical signals to up to 24 workstations in a clustered environment.
IBM 3X AS/400 Fiber-RJ45 Hub -- 9036 This product allows IBM Systems 3x, AS/400, and IBM workstation controllers using twinax and twisted pair cable to communicate over high performance fiber optic cable. S.I. Tech's model 9036 Fiber...