New Pig Corporation Datasheets for Waste Compactors

Industrial compactors, waste and garbage compactors, crushers and other compaction equipment are used to process wastes, textiles, rubber, fibers and other low-density materials into a finished compact shape.
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Product Name Notes
Free-Standing Oil Filter/Paint Can Crusher -- DRM584 Crushes filters or paint cans with 19,000 lb. of downforce Adjustable 16" high crushing chamber accepts large oil filters or two paint cans Cycle automatically completes unattended Air-actuated hydraulics operate...
PIG Waste Compactor -- DRM652
PIG Waste Compactor -- DRM653
PIG Waste Compactor -- DRM654
PIG Waste Compactor -- DRM655
PIG Waste Compactor -- DRM656
Crushes waste with 12,000 lb. of force Ideal for minimizing waste such as absorbents, rags, plastic, paper and cardboard Durable 5" channel profile frame prevents flexing and failure over time...
Wall-Mount Oil Filter Crusher/Recycler -- DRM865 Heavy-duty unit exerts 20,000 lb. of force to crush oil filters that are up to 8" high Activated unit completes crushing unattended in 30 seconds at 120 psi Cut disposal...