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Northrop Grumman Corporation Datasheets for RF Diplexers, Duplexers, and Multiplexers

RF diplexers are three-port frequency-dependent devices that may be used as a separator or a combiner of signals. RF duplexers allow a transmitter operating on one frequency and a receiver operating on a different frequency to share a common antenna with a minimum of interaction and degradation of the different RF signals.
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Product Name Notes
Northrop Grumman's Frequency Hopping Multiplexer (FHMUX) is a four radio to one antenna multicoupler developed for the U.S. Army Communications Electronic Command (CECOM) as an accessory to the Single Channel...
Our UHF Multiplexer (UMUX) is an integrated line replaceable unit (LRU) which combines up to six UHF RF signals into two antennas. The LRU contains a six-port UHF multicoupler along...