RAFI GmbH & Co. KG Datasheets for Industrial Keyboards

Industrial keyboards are peripheral hardware devices that include alphanumeric keys, electromechanical buttons, or sensors that users press to interface with a computer.  
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Product Name Notes
Long-Travel Keyboards Our input systems with a key stroke of 1 to 5 mm are optimized for rapid data input. Also available are customer-specific keyboards based on RAFI integrated PCB key switches.
Tactile Keyboards These keyboards live up to their name with a travel of at most 1 mm. They are available with both overlays and keycaps. We equip our short-travel keyboards with MICON...
Membrane Keyboards Whatever you need, RAFI tailors membrane and film keyboards to your requirements – with or without tactile feedback. You benefit from excellent tactility in designs that include snap-action contacts and...