Xenics nv Datasheets for Vision Sensors

Vision sensors are industrial products that automate decisions and processes by the use of video cameras linked to application-specific software on a user interface. These are also known as machine vision systems, and are useful for measurement, pass/fail decisions, and inspection.

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Product Name Notes
High Speed 3000 Pixel SWIR Line-scan Detector -- Xlin-1.7-3000 The high resolution Xlin-1.7-3000 InGaAs detector is specifically designed for earth observation. The detector is based on mechanical butting of three InGaAs photodiode arrays with each 1024 pixels on a...
TE1 Stabilized SWIR OEM Module -- XSW-320-Analog
TE1 Stabilized SWIR OEM Module -- XSW-320-CL
TE1 Stabilized SWIR OEM Module -- XSW-320-GigE
TE1 Stabilized SWIR OEM Module -- XSW-320-Samtec
The XSW-320 SWIR module is a shortwave infrared OEM module with a resolution of 320 x 256 pixels and a pixel pitch of 20 ┬Ám. It is equipped with a...