International Polymer Solutions Inc. Datasheets for Pipe Fittings

Pipe fittings cover many components that connect pipe ends for in-line, offset, multi-port, and mounting configurations.
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Product Name Notes
Male Pipe Elbow Fittings
Male Pipe Elbow Reducer Fittings
Male Pipe Elbow Reducer Fittings
Male Pipe Tee Fittings
Pipe Bushing Fittings
Pipe Coupling Fittings
Pipe Elbow Fittings
Pipe Female Cap Fittings
Pipe Female Cross Fittings
Pipe Female Reducer Fittings
Pipe Nipple Fittings
Pipe Nipple Reducer Fittings
Pipe Plug Fittings
Pipe Street Elbow Fittings
Pipe Tee Fittings
Pipe Union Fittings
Pressure Ratings: Performance at ambient room conditions: 120 psi for 1/16” fittings linear decreasing to 80 psi for 3/4” fittings and 60 psi for fittings larger than 3/4". Performance at...
PTFE Gauge Isolator Our IPS PTFE Body Gauge Isolator protects (Isolates) a pressure gauge or other pressure sensor from the effects of corrosives aggressive media and prevents contamination of ultra-pure liquids. The Gauge...