Caplugs Datasheets for Tubing

Tubes are hollow cylinders used for fluid transport, structural applications, or electrical sheathing. They are usually cylindrical in shape, but may have round, rectangular, or square cross-sections.
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Product Name Notes
Standard Duty External Upset End Tubing Protection -- UEO-2375
Standard Duty External Upset End Tubing Protection -- UEO-2875
Standard Duty External Upset End Tubing Protection -- UEO-3500
Standard Duty External Upset End Tubing Protection -- UEO-4500
Pin Open End
Closed End tubing -- TRC-1000-022-5.500
Closed End tubing -- TRC-1125-018-3.755
Closed End tubing -- TRC-1250-022-2.250
Closed End tubing -- TRC-1500-022-3.500
Closed End tubing -- TRC-1875-025-5.500
Closed End tubing -- TRC-2000-028-7.000
Closed End tubing -- TRC-2250-028-9.000
Closed End tubing -- TRC-2500-028-0.980
Closed End tubing -- TRC-3000-025-12.750
Closed End tubing -- TRC-3500-032-6.000
Closed End tubing -- TRC-500-022-3.000
Closed End tubing -- TRC-625-014-9.500
Closed End tubing -- TRC-750-015-6.000
Series TRC heavy wall ClearView™ Tubing has a clear closed end. Heavy wall thickness adds extra protection and durability. The TRC series is available in a variety of lengths and...
Open End tubing -- TRO-1000-017-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-1000-022-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-1125-018-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-1125-022-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-1187-020-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-1187-025-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-1250-018-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-1250-022-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-1375-018-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-1375-022-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-1500-018-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-1500-022-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-1625-020-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-1625-028-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-1750-020-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-1750-028-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-187-012-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-187-020-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-1875-020-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-1875-025-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-2000-020-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-2000-028-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-2250-020-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-2250-028-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-250-012-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-250-022-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-2500-020-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-2500-028-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-2610-030-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-2625-020-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-2625-030-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-2670-030-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-2730-030-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-2750-020-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-2750-028-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-3000-025-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-3000-032-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-323-012-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-3250-025-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-3250-032-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-3500-025-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-3500-032-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-3580-030-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-3640-030-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-3700-030-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-375-012-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-375-022-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-448-012-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-448-022-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-500-012-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-500-022-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-625-014-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-625-022-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-750-015-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-750-022-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-875-017-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-875-022-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-937-017-48.000
Open End tubing -- TRO-937-022-48.000
Series TRO ClearView plastic tubing provides the product protection you need for your packaging applications. Available in standard and heavy wall for added protection and durability. To place an order...
Square Open End Tubing -- TSO-1000-015-48.000
Square Open End Tubing -- TSO-1250-020-48.000
Square Open End Tubing -- TSO-1375-015-48.000
Square Open End Tubing -- TSO-375-012-48.000
Square Open End Tubing -- TSO-500-012-48.000
Square Open End Tubing -- TSO-750-014-48.000
Square Open End Tubing -- TSO-875-016-48.000
TSO Series ClearView™ plastic tubing offers unique packaging and a glass-like clarity. These open-ended tubes make an ideal package for a wide variety of products. The tubing has no side...
Multi-Diameter Silicone Tubing -- MDT0350-0650
Multi-Diameter Silicone Tubing -- MDT0650-2250
Ultrabake multi-diameter tubing can be used to cover plain and threaded studs, shafts or other cylindrical parts; it will mask off the studs and can be used to mask off...
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0040
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0062
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0080
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0093
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0109
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0125
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0140
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0156
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0172
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0187
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0203
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0218
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0234
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0250
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0281
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0312
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0343
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0375
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0406
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0437
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0500
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0625
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0750
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0875
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST0937
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST1000
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST1125
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST1250
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST1375
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST1500
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST1625
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST1750
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST1875
Ultrabake™ Tubing -- ST2000
Ultrabake Silicone Tubing can be used to cover plain and threaded studs or shafts; it will mask off the studs and can be used to mask off areas of shafts.
Ultrabake™ Star Tubing -- UST-0500
Ultrabake™ Star Tubing -- UST-0750
Ultrabake™ Star Tubing -- UST-1000
Ultrabake™ Star Tubing -- UST-1500
UST-SH Ultrabake™ Silicone Star Tubing can be used to cover plain and threaded studs,shafts or other cylindrical parts; it will mask off the studs and can be used to mask...