Despatch - ITW EAE Datasheets for Environmental Test Chambers and Rooms

Environmental test chambers and rooms are used to ensure the reliability of industrial products, especially electronic items, through prolonged exposure to one or more environmental parameters.
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Product Name Notes
RBC Benchtop Burn-In Oven -- RBC1-50 Air
RBC Benchtop Burn-In Oven -- RBC1-50 Nitrogen
RBC Benchtop Burn-In Oven Despatch’s RBC Burn-In Benchtop Ovens offer maximum flexibility for small lot qualification testing, burn-in, reliability testing, and research and development. Flexibility The stackable burn-in benchtop ovens...
PBC Burn-In Cabinet Oven -- PBC2-18 The PBC burn-in cabinet oven is engineered specifically for applications such as high dissipation forward bias, high-temperature reverse bias, dynamic and static burn-in of IC, RAM, ROM, microprocessors and other...