Protective Structures, Ltd. Datasheets for Industrial Shelters

Industrial shelters are buildings or structures that are designed to house and protect instrumentation or personnel. Examples include booths, buildings, canopies, garages, and walk-in enclosures.
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Product Name Notes
LifeLocker™ Residential & Commercial Safe Rooms by Protective Structures are custom designed for new construction or retrofitted applications.
LifeLocker™ Survival Bunkers from Protective Structures, Ltd. offer the most dependable long-term, underground survival solution on the market.
Protective Structures is proud to offer our StormDefend™ line of modular steel community safe rooms and tornado shelters. These structures provide safety from tornadoes, hurricanes and intruders.
The safest place for you to seek shelter during a storm is right in your home. The StormDefend™ StormCloset from Protective Structures is a patented, U.S.A. factory manufactured, above-ground tornado...
The StormDefend™ Guardian Series above ground tornado shelters by Atlas Safe Rooms are among the strongest in the storm shelter industry.
The StormDefend™ Refuge provides below ground protection for use during destructive tornadoes, hurricanes and violent windstorms. The Refuge can also be customized for long term storage of food and water...