FKN Systek, Inc. Datasheets for Material Handling Carts and Trucks

Industrial carts and industrial trucks are used to transport equipment or materials within the premises of a facility. They are frequently manually propelled, but motorized version are manufactured. An assortment of carts and trucks are available for a multitude of cargo operations.
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Product Name Notes
HorizontalStack PCB Transport Cart -- F9051 The F9051 PCB Transport Cart has 3 shelves of card guides. Each level can hold fifty 11" long PCBs. The card guides are made of conductive material fo safe and...
Transport Trolley -- F9055 Made of anti electrostatic material, this PCB transport cart is sturdy and durable. The cart is good for moving large quantities of heavy boards.
PCB Transport Cart -- F9100 This F9100 PCB Transport Cart is made with the same side panels as the F9054. Built into an extruded aluminum frame, the rack provides for up to 100 large panles...