4B Components, Ltd. Datasheets for Speed Sensors

Magnetic speed sensors rely on a magnet as the sensing element or sensed target to capture rotational or linear speed. They are typically used as gear tooth speed sensors or incorporated into stroboscopes or tachometers.
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Product Name Notes
Combination target, bracket and guard for simple sensor installation Suitable for all 4B sensors & other standard inductive proximity sensors Not affected by shaft or machine vibration Easy to install,...
Microprocessor controlled speedswitch Signals underspeed conditions for bucket elevators, conveyors and all rotating machinery Inductive proximity sensor in DIN style housing, which detects a rotating metal target Dual set-points ~...
Simple mounting with Whirligig® and Mag-Con™ User programmable output device User selectable 0-20 mA / 4-20 mA Output Pulse indication and status LEDs