Pyromation, Inc. Datasheets for Thermowells

Thermowells are designed to accept numerous types of temperature probes. They are used to easily facilitate the repair of temperature sensing devices without interrupting the process being monitored.
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Product Name Notes
Built-Up Protection Well -- 26-48
Built-Up Protection Well -- 26-58
Built-Up Protection Well -- 26-88
Drilled Thermowell -- H4 Series
Drilled Thermowell -- S4 Series
Drilled Thermowell -- SW4 Series
Drilled Thermowell -- WI4 Series
Flanged Thermowell -- HF4 Series
Flanged Thermowell -- SF4 Series
Heavy-Duty Flanged Thermowell -- HF4 Series
Heavy-Duty Flanged Thermowell -- HF6 Series
Heavy-Duty Socket-Weld Thermowell -- HW4 Series
Heavy-Duty Socket-Weld Thermowell -- HW6 Series
Heavy-Duty Threaded Thermowell -- H4 Series
Heavy-Duty Threaded Thermowell -- H6 Series
Heavy-Duty Van Stone Thermowell -- HF4 Series
Heavy-Duty Van Stone Thermowell -- HF6 Series
Limited-Space Threaded Thermowell -- LS4 Series
Reduced-Tip Flanged Thermowell -- RF4 Series
Reduced-Tip Socket-Weld Thermowell -- RW4 Series
Reduced-Tip Van Stone Thermowell -- RF4 Series
Standard Flanged Thermowell -- SF4 Series
Standard Flanged Thermowell -- SF6 Series
Standard-duty Threaded Thermowell -- S4 Series
Straight Van Stone Thermowell -- SF4 Series
Straight Van Stone Thermowell -- SF6 Series
Straight-Shank Socket-Weld Thermowell -- SW4 Series
Straight-Shank Socket-Weld Thermowell -- SW6 Series
Straight-Shank Threaded Thermowell -- ST4 Series
Straight-Shank Threaded Thermowell -- ST6 Series
Thermal Element Wells -- 26-W 112
Thermal Element Wells -- 26-W 217
Thermal Element Wells -- 26-W 225
Thermal Element Wells -- 26-W 335
Thermal Element Wells -- 26-W 445
Thermal Element Wells -- 26-W 555
Thermal Element Wells -- 26-W 665
Thermal Element Wells -- 26-W 780
Thermal Element Wells -- 26-W 910
Thermal Element Wells -- 26-W1011
Weld-In Thermowell -- WI4 Series
Weld-In Thermowell -- WI6 Series
A thermowell is a pressure-tight receptacle that protects and extends the life of a temperature sensor in processing applications where the sensor is not mechanically or chemically compatible with the...
Sanitary Weld-In Thermowell -- W81-1 Series
Sanitary Weld-In Thermowell -- W81-2 Series
Sanitary Weld-In Thermowell -- W81-3 Series
Sanitary Weld-In Thermowell -- W81-4 Series
Sanitary Weld-In Thermowells are offered in 304 and 316 stainless steel. The thermowell is designed to be welded into a tank or vat with a full crevice-free fillet-weld to prevent...
Sanitary Weld-In Thermowell -- WS4 Series
Sanitary Weld-In Thermowell -- WS6 Series
Sanitary, Weld-In Thermowells are offered in 304 and 316 stainless steel. They are available in a variety of lengths, process connection sizes, and optional lagging extensions. The thermowell is to...
Reduced-Tip Sanitary Thermowell -- DR4 Series
Sanitary Thermowell -- DW4 Series
Sanitary-Connected Thermowells are offered in 304 and 316 stainless steel. The DW and DR series are welded constructions, and they are available in a variety of lengths, cap styles, cap...