KTR Corporation Datasheets for Torque Limiters and Slip Clutches

Torque limiters and slip clutches automatically slip or disengage the clutch at a predetermined torque.
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Product Name Notes
Torque Limiter -- KTR-SI Type FT
Torque Limiter -- KTR-SI Type KT
Torque Limiter -- KTR-SI Type LT
Torque Limiter -- KTR-SI with ROTEX ®
For exact dimensioning torque limiters latest simulation and calculation programmes are available. Therefore let us know many data of your drive. The more precise these data are, the more precise...
Backlash-free Overload System Torque Limiter -- SYNTEX® Standard
Backlash-free Overload System Torque Limiter -- SYNTEX® with Integrated Sprocket
Backlash-free Overload System Torque Limiter -- SYNTEX® with Pulley
Backlash-free Overload System Torque Limiter -- SYNTEX® with Shaft Coupling ROTEX® GS
SYNTEX® is a safety system operating with positive locking suitable for torques up to 525 Nm. The component transmitting the torque is a punched disk spring (protected by patent).
Torque Limiter -- KTR-SI FRE Flange Type
Torque Limiter -- KTR-SI FRE with ROTEX®
The core of the overload system is formed by the idle rotation elements. In case of overload they uncouple the driving and driven side while protecting the drive train from...
Torque Limiter -- RUFLEX® Max.
Torque Limiter -- RUFLEX® Standard
Torque Limiter -- RUFLEX® with BoWex
Torque Limiter -- RUFLEX® with ROTEX
Torque Limiter -- RUFLEX® with Sprocket
The RUFLEX® modular system is able to provide a solution for every drive. The combination with the well-approved KTR couplings and the integration of customer-specific drive components (e. g.
Backlash-free Overload System Torque Limiter -- KTR-SI Compact The solid safety system KTR-SI is available in different types (standard and compact) and operating principles (ratchet, synchronous, fail-safe, disengaging), providing for overload protection up to 3,100 Nm. Product features...