Ringfeder Power Transmission USA Corporation Datasheets for Rigid Couplings

Rigid couplings connect rotating members such as shafts. They secure onto both members and provide transmission of torque and motion.
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Product Name Notes
Shaft Couplings WK 5071 Standard series – this range is the most popular, being used in most applications.
Shaft Couplings WK 5091 Highest transmission values – for heavy duty applications. Simplified manufacture – only plain shaft and bore diameters with easily achieved surface finish and tolerances are required.
Rigid disc coupling with keyway-hubs. The whole coupling and the torque limiter can be dismounted without displacement of the motor, driven shaft and of the hubs. GERWAH® Safety Couplings Series...
The AKN-ZW is a backlash free, torsionally stiff Metal Bellows Coupling in Line shaft design. Because of the double cardanic system, the compensating of high shaft displacements are possible. Due...