Control Products, Inc. Datasheets for Thermal Switches and Thermal Protectors

Thermostats and thermal switches are electro-mechanical on/off switches that are activated by temperature changes. They are typically used to control heating and cooling systems.
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Product Name Notes
AD Series -- AD029
AD Series -- AD077
Calibration temp(factory set): 0°F Min. to 350°F Max. (Specify close on rise or close on fall). Safe momentary undershoot/overshoot: -65°F to +400°F Tolerance: ± 7°F (tighter tolerances available) Repeatability: ±
AD Series -- AD001
AD Series -- AD003
AD Series -- AD007
AD Series -- AD013
AD Series -- AD014
AD Series -- AD019
AD Series -- AD050
AD Series -- AD051
AD Series -- AD066
AD Series -- AD068
AD Series -- AD078
AD Series -- AD091
AD Series -- AD092
Bimetallic snap disc, threaded bushings with or without a probe
S Series -- S2001
S Series -- S2002
CPI’s S2 switch is a variant of our M1 and M2 switches. The S2 switch provides a two-temperature capability with a single-pole double-throw (SPDT) circuit. The common (moveable) contact breaks...
X3 Series -- X3001
X3 Series -- X3002
X3 Series -- X3003
X3 Series -- X3006
High temperature, quick response, sealed, withstands shock and vibration
AD Series -- AD031
AD Series -- AD049
AD Series -- AD056
AD Series -- AD080
AD Series -- AD081
AD Series -- AD082
AD Series -- AD083
AD Series -- AD084
AD Series -- AD085
AD Series -- AD173
Ring and other clamp-mounted designs for use on pipes and rounded conduits
AD Series -- AD057
AD Series -- AD058
AD Series -- AD059
AD Series -- AD064
AD Series -- AD065
AD Series -- AD095
AD Series -- AD096
AD Series -- AD097
AD Series -- AD102
Snapstat, aerospace and military standard switches with MIL connectors
AD Series -- AD004
AD Series -- AD017
AD Series -- AD020
AD Series -- AD021
AD Series -- AD022
AD Series -- AD023
AD Series -- AD047
AD Series -- AD048
AD Series -- AD060
AD Series -- AD069
AD Series -- AD093
AD Series -- AD103
AD Series -- AD116
AD Series -- AD118
SnapStat, temperature sensing of surface area using various bracket designs
AD Series -- AD005
AD Series -- AD006
AD Series -- AD026
AD Series -- AD027
AD Series -- AD028
AD Series -- AD030
AD Series -- AD054
AD Series -- AD070
AD Series -- AD071
AD Series -- AD074
AD Series -- AD075
AD Series -- AD076
AD Series -- AD127
Through-hole mounting, brackets allow mounting to panels/enclosures
AD Series -- AD053
AD Series -- AD110
Two bimetallic snap discs in a single housing
M1 Series -- M1001
M1 Series -- M1002
M1 Series -- M1003
M1 Series -- M1004
M1 Series -- M1005
M1 Series -- M1006
M1 Series -- M1007
M1 Series -- M1008
M1 Series -- M1009
M1 Series -- M1010
M1 Series -- M1011
M1 Series -- M1012
M1 Series -- M1013
M1 Series -- M1014
M1 Series -- M1015
M1 Series -- M1102
M1 Series -- M1112
M2 Series -- M2001
M2 Series -- M2002
M2 Series -- M2003
M2 Series -- M2004
M2 Series -- M2005
M2 Series -- M2006
M2 Series -- M2007
M2 Series -- M2008
M2 Series -- M2009
M2 Series -- M2010
M2 Series -- M2011
M2 Series -- M2012
M2 Series -- M2013
M2 Series -- M2014
M2 Series -- M2015
M2 Series -- M2016
M2 Series -- M2017
M2 Series -- M2018
M2 Series -- M2019
M2 Series -- M2020
M2 Series -- M2021
M2 Series -- M2022
M2 Series -- M2023
M2 Series -- M2024
M2 Series -- M2025
M2 Series -- M2026
M2 Series -- M2027
M2 Series -- M2028
M2 Series -- M2029
M2 Series -- M2030
M2 Series -- M2031
M2 Series -- M2032
M2 Series -- M2033
M2 Series -- M2034
M2 Series -- M2035
M2 Series -- M2036
M2 Series -- M2037
M2 Series -- M2038
M2 Series -- M2045
M2 Series -- M2046
M2 Series -- M2047
M2 Series -- M2048
M2 Series -- M2049
M2 Series -- M2050
M2 Series -- M2051
M2 Series -- M2052
M2 Series -- M2053
M2 Series -- M2054
M2 Series -- M2055
M2 Series -- M2056
M2 Series -- M2057
M2 Series -- M2058
M2 Series -- M2102
Hermetically sealed All stainless construction Meets MIL environments 2 wire construction Wide range of connectors available
W1 Series -- W1001
W1 Series -- W1002
W1 Series -- W1004
W1 Series -- W1007
W2 Series -- W2002
W2 Series -- W2003
One wire: ground to case All stainless steel Meets MIL environments Torque free mounting Factory calibrated and sealed Optional field adjustment feature available
L1 Series -- L1001
L1 Series -- L1002
L1 Series -- L1003
L2 Series -- L2001
L2 Series -- L2002
L2 Series -- L2003
L2 Series -- L2004
L2 Series -- L2005
L2 Series -- L2006
L2 Series -- L2007
L2 Series -- L2008
L2 Series -- L2009
Small Lightweight Environmentally sealed 1 wire grounded body All stainless steel See specifications below
R Series -- R1001
R Series -- R3001
R Series -- R3002
R Series -- R3003
R Series -- R3004
R Series -- R3005
Small Lightweight Hermetically sealed 2 wire construction All stainless steel Withstands MIL environments See specifications below
AB Series -- AB001
AB Series -- AB002
AB Series -- AB003
AB Series -- AB005
AB Series -- AB006
AB Series -- AB007
AB Series -- AB008
AB Series -- AB012
AB Series -- AB013
AB Series -- AB014
AB Series -- AB015
SPDT, snap-action circuit Hermetically sealed Higher current carrying capability (5 amps) Torque free mounting
X1 Series -- X1003
X1 Series -- X1009
X1 Series -- X1010
X1 Series -- X1011
X1 Series -- X1015
X1 Series -- X1017
X1 Series -- X1018
X1 Series -- X1029
X1 Series -- X1031
X1 Series -- X1032
X1 Series -- X1033
X1 Series -- X1034
X2 Series -- X2002
X2 Series -- X2003
X2 Series -- X2004
X2 Series -- X2005
X2 Series -- X2006
X2 Series -- X2007
X2 Series -- X2008
X2 Series -- X2013
SPST, two terminal All stainless steel Meets MIL environments Torque free mounting Factory calibrated and sealed Optional field adjustment feature available