Weidmuller Datasheets for Wire and Cable Crimpers

Wire and cable crimpers are designed for the connection of electrical and metal components by cutting, stripping, bending, and deforming. Crimping is extensive in the electrical and metal-forming industries and was developed as a high-quality, low cost replacement for soldered terminations. This article does not reference hose crimping processes.

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Product Name Notes
Crimping tools for wire end ferrules, with and without plastic collars Ratchet guarantees precise crimping Release option in the event of incorrect operation
After stripping the insulation, a suitable contact or wire end ferrule can be crimped onto the end of the cable. Crimping forms a secure connection between conductor and contact and...
Precision tools from Weidmüller are in use worldwide. Weidmüller takes this responsibility seriously and offers comprehensive services. Tools should still function perfectly even after many years of constant use. Weidmüller...