Knight Optical (UK) Ltd Datasheets for Uncategorized Products

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Product Name Notes
Resolution chart, 50x50mm, 36 Section Star -- GRQ5004
Resolution chart, 50x50mm, USAF 1951 -- GRQ5001
Resolution chart, 75x75mm, Cobb chart -- GRQ7503
Resolution chart, 75x75mm, NBS 1963A -- GRQ7502
Knight Optical’s resolution charts consist of multiple precision metallic patterns deposited on a transparent glass substrate and are equipped with a range of spatial frequencies for optical testing. Resolution charts...
Standard Bench 110V Monochromatic Light Unit, 110V -- TML4026
Standard Bench Monochromatic Light Unit, 240V -- TML4025
Monochromatic lights have a low pressure sodium light source that emits monochromatic light in which rays have virtually the same wavelength. This light is a very effective way of viewing...