Durst Datasheets for Pump Drives

Pump drives take an input rotational power source and route it to hydraulic pumps via gears or other means. The pumps are mounted on the drive housing.
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Product Name Notes
Single Pump Drive (direct) Features Low cost Simple two-piece design for easy installation Low profile for tight applications where space is a premium Designed to mount per SAE engine and hydraulic pump specifications Applications...
Eight Pump Drive
Five Pump Drive
Four Pump Drive
Inline Four Pump Drive
Single Pump Drive (geared)
Three Pump Drive
Two Pump Drive
New Modular Pump Drives Durst pump drives run cooler, last longer and are quick and easy to service. In the process of engineering these new modular drives, we went back...
Pump Drive to Electric Motor System -- LectricDrive The Durst Lectric Drive is an economical, space-saving alternative for mounting pump drives directly to electric motors. The Lectric Drive is a game changer that makes the conventional C-Face Motor...