Sigma-Aldrich Datasheets for Laboratory Bottles

Laboratory bottles are chemically-resistant containers used for holding and dispensing fluids.
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Product Name Notes
Nalgene® Narrow-Mouth Bottle -- Z130540
Nalgene® Narrow-Mouth Bottle -- Z130559
Nalgene® Narrow-Mouth Bottle -- Z130567
Nalgene® Narrow-Mouth Bottle -- Z130575
Nalgene® Narrow-Mouth Bottle -- Z130583
Nalgene® Narrow-Mouth Bottle -- Z130591
All-purpose container, not autoclavable, protects light sensitive liquids
Nalgene® Drop-Dispenser Bottle -- Z252018
Nalgene® Drop-Dispenser Bottle -- Z252026
Nalgene® Drop-Dispenser Bottle -- Z252034
Nalgene® Drop-Dispenser Bottle -- Z252042
Nalgene® Drop-Dispenser Bottle -- Z252050
Always dispenses one drop at a time, leakproof, has captive spout cap
Dropper Bottle -- Z161616 Amber, with fine-bore neck insert & specially shaped PE cap
Nalgene® Dropper Bottle -- Z360740 Clear contact LDPE, blue cap, excellent chemical resistance
Nalgene® Dropper Bottle -- Z360678
Nalgene® Dropper Bottle -- Z360686
Clear contact LDPE, green cap, excellent chemical resistance
Nalgene® Dropper Bottle -- Z360694 Clear contact LDPE, red cap, excellent chemical resistance
Nalgene® Wash Bottle -- Z360325
Nalgene® Wash Bottle -- Z360333
Flexible, contact-clear, leakproof, marked autoclavable
Plastibrand® Dropper Bottle -- Z330345
Plastibrand® Dropper Bottle -- Z330353
Plastibrand® Dropping Bottle -- Z330221
Plastibrand® Dropping Bottle -- Z330248
Plastibrand® Dropping Bottle -- Z330256
Plastibrand® Dropping Bottle -- Z330264
Plastibrand® Dropping Bottle -- Z330272
Plastibrand® Dropping Bottle -- Z330280
Plastibrand® Dropping Bottle -- Z330299
Flexible, w/ detachable thread closure w/ dropper nozzle & spout cap
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z232041
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z232068
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z232076
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z232084
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z232092
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z232106
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z232114
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z232122
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z232130
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z232149
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z232157
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z232165
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z232173
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z232181
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z232203
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z232211
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z232238
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z232246
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z232254
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z232262
Graduated laboratory bottle, reusable, for storage of reagents, chemicals
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z305154
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z305162
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z305170
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z305189
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z305197
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z305200
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z305219
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z305227
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z305235
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z305243
Graduated laboratory bottle, w/ blue PP screw cap & pouring ring
Biotainer Media Bottle -- Z377104 Has easy-to-read graduations & indented, ribbed hand-grip
Biotainer Media Bottle -- Z377031
Biotainer Media Bottle -- Z377074
Biotainer Media Bottle -- Z377090
Has easy-to-read graduations, autoclavable, can be frozen to -100C
Biotainer Media Bottle -- Z377023
Biotainer Media Bottle -- Z377058
Biotainer Media Bottle -- Z377066
Biotainer Media Bottle -- Z377082
Has easy-to-read graduations, suitable for temperature between -40C to 60C
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z329924
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z329932
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z329940
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z329959
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z329967
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z329975
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z329983
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z329991
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z330000
Narrow-mouth bottle with cap, economical & multipurpose, translucent
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z323004
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z323012
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z323020
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z323039
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z323047
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z323055
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z323063
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z323071
Narrow-mouth bottle with screw cap, sturdy, translucent, autoclavable
Nalgene® Bottle -- Z130230
Nalgene® Bottle -- Z130249
Nalgene® Bottle -- Z130265
Nalgene® Bottle -- Z130303
Nalgene® Bottle -- Z130311
Nalgene® Bottle -- Z266167
Nalgene® Bottle -- Z266175
Narrow-mouth, clear bottle, maximum chemical & corrosion resistance
Nalgene® Bottle -- Z130354
Nalgene® Bottle -- Z130362
Narrow-mouth, opaque black bottle, maximum chemical & corrosion resistance
Dropper Bottle -- Z161225 Natural, with fine-bore neck insert & specially shaped PE cap
Nalgene® Dropper Bottle -- Z360775 Opaque white LDPE, white cap, excellent chemical resistance
Nalgene® Dropper Bottle -- Z360783
Nalgene® Dropper Bottle -- Z360791
Opaque white LDPE, yellow cap, excellent chemical resistance
Corning® Easy-Grip Storage Bottle -- CLS430281
Corning® Easy-Grip Storage Bottle -- CLS430282
Corning® Easy-Grip Storage Bottle -- CLS430518
Corning® Easy-Grip Storage Bottle -- CLS431175
Corning® Traditional Storage Bottle -- CLS8388
Corning® Traditional Storage Bottle -- CLS8390
Corning® Traditional Storage Bottle -- CLS8393
Corning® Traditional Storage Bottle -- CLS8396
Plug seal cap provides airtight seal & minimizes risk of contamination
Nalgene® Aerosol Spray Bottle -- Z279250 Reusable, has PP cap, uses air pressure to propel contents from container
Nalgene® Diagnostic Bottle -- Z720526
Nalgene® Diagnostic Bottle -- Z720534
Nalgene® Diagnostic Bottle -- Z720542
Style 1630, ideal for sterile sampling, storage & shipment of reagents
Nalgene® Bottle -- B3533
Nalgene® Bottle -- B7407
Nalgene® Bottle -- B7532
Nalgene® Bottle -- B7657
Nalgene® Bottle -- B7782
Nalgene® Bottle -- B7907
Style 2002, round, narrow-mouth, has polypropylene screw closure
Nalgene® Bottle -- B8032
Nalgene® Bottle -- B8157
Nalgene® Bottle -- B8282
Nalgene® Bottle -- B8407
Nalgene® Bottle -- B8532
Nalgene® Bottle -- B8657
Style 2006, round, narrow-mouth, has polypropylene screw closure
Nalgene® Bottle -- B5660
Nalgene® Bottle -- B5785
Nalgene® Bottle -- B5910
Nalgene® Bottle -- B6035
Nalgene® Bottle -- B6160
Style 2007, rectangular, wide-mouth, has polypropylene screw closure
Nalgene® Media Bottle -- Z364495
Nalgene® Media Bottle -- Z364509
Nalgene® Media Bottle -- Z364517
Nalgene® Media Bottle -- Z364525
Style 2019, not autoclavable, transparent
Nalgene® Media Bottle -- Z364533
Nalgene® Media Bottle -- Z364541
Nalgene® Media Bottle -- Z364568
Nalgene® Media Bottle -- Z364576
Nalgene® Media Bottle -- Z364584
Nalgene® Media Bottle -- Z364592
Style 2020, not autoclavable, transparent
Nalgene® Bottle -- B8782
Nalgene® Bottle -- B8907
Nalgene® Bottle -- B9032
Nalgene® Bottle -- B9157
Nalgene® Bottle -- B9282
Nalgene® Bottle -- B9407
Style 2104, Boston-style (round), wide-mouth w/ polypropylene screw closure
Nalgene® Bottle -- B0158
Nalgene® Bottle -- B0283
Nalgene® Bottle -- B9532
Nalgene® Bottle -- B9657
Nalgene® Bottle -- B9782
Nalgene® Bottle -- B9907
Style 2105, Boston-style (round), wide-mouth w/ polypropylene screw closure
Nalgene® Bottle -- Z377325
Nalgene® Bottle -- Z377333
Nalgene® Bottle -- Z377341
Nalgene® Bottle -- Z377368
Nalgene® Bottle -- Z377376
Style 2110, square, wide-mouth, leakproof w/ polypropylene closure
Nalgene® Bottle -- B6285
Nalgene® Bottle -- B6410
Nalgene® Bottle -- B6535
Nalgene® Bottle -- B6660
Nalgene® Bottle -- B6785
Style 2114, square, wide-mouth, has polypropylene closure
Nalgene® Jar -- Z380288
Nalgene® Jar -- Z380296
Nalgene® Jar -- Z380318
Nalgene® Jar -- Z380326
Nalgene® Jar -- Z380334
Style 2117, transparent w/ good chem. resistance, has polypropylene closure
Nalgene® Jar -- Z380229
Nalgene® Jar -- Z380237
Nalgene® Jar -- Z380245
Nalgene® Jar -- Z380253
Nalgene® Jar -- Z380261
Style 2118, translucent with excellent chemical resistance
Nalgene® Bottle -- B7285
Nalgene® Bottle -- B7410
Style 2120, round, wide-mouth, has polypropylene closure
Nalgene® Bottle -- Z380407 Style 2122, large, square, wide-mouth, not leakproof
Nalgene® Bottle -- B7910
Nalgene® Bottle -- B8035
Nalgene® Bottle -- B8160
Style 2126, round, heavy-duty, thick-walled, wide-mouth, autoclavable
Nalgene® Bottle -- B8285
Nalgene® Bottle -- B8410
Nalgene® Bottle -- B8535
Style 2202, narrow-mouth, has polypropylene screw closure, not autoclavable
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z153877
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z153885
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z153893
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z153907
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z153915
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z232297
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z232300
Duran® Laboratory Bottle -- Z232319
Transparent plastic skin protects bottle from mechanical damage & leakage
Nalgene® Unitary™ Wash Bottle -- Z410012
Nalgene® Unitary™ Wash Bottle -- Z410020
Nalgene® Unitary™ Wash Bottle -- Z410039
Nalgene® Unitary™ Wash Bottle -- Z410047
Nalgene® Unitary™ Wash Bottle -- Z410055
Nalgene® Unitary™ Wash Bottle -- Z410063
Nalgene® Unitary™ Wash Bottle -- Z410071
Nalgene® Unitary™ Wash Bottle -- Z410098
Nalgene® Unitary™ Wash Bottle -- Z410101
Nalgene® Unitary™ Wash Bottle -- Z410128
Nalgene® Unitary™ Wash Bottle -- Z410136
Nalgene® Unitary™ Wash Bottle -- Z410144
Nalgene® Unitary™ Wash Bottle -- Z410152
Nalgene® Unitary™ Wash Bottle -- Z410160
Nalgene® Unitary™ Wash Bottle -- Z410179
Nalgene® Unitary™ Wash Bottle -- Z410187
Nalgene® Unitary™ Wash Bottle -- Z410195
Nalgene® Unitary™ Wash Bottle -- Z410209
Vented closure relieves solvent vapor pressure & eliminates dripping
Media Bottle -- M2433
Media Bottle -- M2683
Media Bottle -- M2808
Wide mouth, lab 45, graduated, safety-coated w/ plastisol
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z330086
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z330094
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z330108
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z330116
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z330124
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z330132
Wide-mouth bottle with cap, flexible, translucent
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z323098
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z323136
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z323144
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z323152
Wide-mouth bottle with screw cap, sturdy, translucent, autoclavable
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z323187
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z323195
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z323209
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z323217
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z323225
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z323233
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z323241
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z323268
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z323276
Plastibrand® Bottle -- Z323284
Wide-mouth bottles with screw cap, excellent chemical & thermal resistance
Nalgene® Bottle -- Z130370
Nalgene® Bottle -- Z130389
Nalgene® Bottle -- Z130397
Nalgene® Bottle -- Z130400
Wide-mouth, clear bottle, maximum chemical & corrosion resistance
Plastibrand® Wash Bottle -- Z329711 Wide-mouth, label, acetone, without venting valve
Plastibrand® Wash Bottle -- Z329738 Wide-mouth, label, distilled water, without venting valve
Plastibrand® Wash Bottle -- Z329703 Wide-mouth, label, ethanol, without venting valve
Plastibrand® Wash Bottle -- Z329673 Wide-mouth, label, isopropanol, without venting valve
Plastibrand® Wash Bottle -- Z329681 Wide-mouth, label, methanol, without venting valve
Plastibrand® Wash Bottle -- Z329746 Wide-mouth, label, no label, without venting valve
Plastibrand® Wash Bottle -- Z329606
Plastibrand® Wash Bottle -- Z329614
Plastibrand® Wash Bottle -- Z329622
Plastibrand® Wash Bottle -- Z329630
With interchangeable wash head, delivery tube is adjustable in height
Nalgene® Dropper Bottle -- B6805
Nalgene® Dropper Bottle -- B6930
Nalgene® Dropper Bottle -- B7055
With screw closure, natural bottle, assorted colors cap
Nalgene® Dropper Bottle -- B6055
Nalgene® Dropper Bottle -- B6180
Nalgene® Dropper Bottle -- B6305
With screw closure, natural bottle, white cap
Nalgene® Dropper Bottle -- B7180
Nalgene® Dropper Bottle -- B7305
Nalgene® Dropper Bottle -- B7430
With screw closure, white bottle, assorted colors cap
Nalgene® Dropper Bottle -- B6430
Nalgene® Dropper Bottle -- B6555
Nalgene® Dropper Bottle -- B6680
With screw closure, white bottle, white cap

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