Sigma-Aldrich Datasheets for Beakers

Beakers are simple containers, usually cylindrical with flat bottoms and a lip for pouring, used for stirring, mixing, measuring, and heating liquids in a laboratory.
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Product Name Notes
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322385
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322407
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322423
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322458
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322474
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322512
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322539
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322555
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322571
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322601
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322776
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322792
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322814
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322830
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322857
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322873
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322903
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322946
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322962
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322989
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z340537
Blue scale, space-saving stackable design, has spout & beaded rim
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423661
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423688
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423696
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423718
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423726
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423734
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423742
Bright blue, beaker has durable color matte finish, has graduated scale
PTFE Beaker -- Z104507
PTFE Beaker -- Z104515
PTFE Beaker -- Z104523
Chemically resistant except for molten alkali metal
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423750
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423769
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423777
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423785
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423793
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423807
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423815
Cool green, beaker has durable color matte finish, has graduated scale
All-Purpose Sampling Container -- Z186821
All-Purpose Sampling Container -- Z186848
Durable & translucent PP container, resists acids, bases
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322377
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322393
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322415
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322431
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322466
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322504
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322520
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322547
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322563
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322598
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322768
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322784
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322806
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322822
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322849
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322865
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322881
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322938
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322954
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322970
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322997
Embossed scale, space-saving stackable design, has spout & beaded rim
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322261
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322288
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322296
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322318
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322326
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322334
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322342
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322350
Graduated beaker with handle, blue scale, ergonomic handle, has spout
Standard Griffin Beaker -- CLS100010
Standard Griffin Beaker -- CLS1000100
Standard Griffin Beaker -- CLS1000150
Standard Griffin Beaker -- CLS10001L
Standard Griffin Beaker -- CLS10001XL
Standard Griffin Beaker -- CLS100020
Standard Griffin Beaker -- CLS1000250
Standard Griffin Beaker -- CLS10002L
Standard Griffin Beaker -- CLS100030
Standard Griffin Beaker -- CLS10003L
Standard Griffin Beaker -- CLS1000400
Standard Griffin Beaker -- CLS10004L
Standard Griffin Beaker -- CLS100050
Standard Griffin Beaker -- CLS1000600
Standard Griffin Beaker -- CLS1000800
Has a spout, extra-large area for marking, uniform wall thickness, low form
Jacketed Beaker -- Z137065
Jacketed Beaker -- Z137073
Jacketed Beaker -- Z137081
Jacketed Beaker -- Z137103
Jacketed Beaker -- Z202738
Jacketed Beaker -- Z202746
Has an upper and lower hose connection on opposite sides, no pouring spout
Corning® Beaker -- CLS430179
Corning® Beaker -- CLS430180
Has snap on polyethylene lid, container is graduated in mL. and oz.
Pyrex® Beaker -- CLS1003150
Pyrex® Beaker -- CLS10031L
Pyrex® Beaker -- CLS1003250
Pyrex® Beaker -- CLS10032L
Pyrex® Beaker -- CLS1003400
Pyrex® Beaker -- CLS10034L
Pyrex® Beaker -- CLS1003600
Heavy duty, graduated beaker
Nalgene® Beaker -- Z130990
Nalgene® Beaker -- Z131008
Heavy wall, rectangular handle, graduated in oz. & mL..
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322482
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322490
Low form, embossed scalespace-saving stackable design, has spout
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322636
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322644
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322652
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322660
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322679
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322687
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322695
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322709
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322717
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322725
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322733
Plastibrand® Beaker -- Z322741
Low form, excellent thermal & chemical resistance, w/reinforced rim & spout
Quickfit® Jacketed Beaker -- Z651567
Quickfit® Jacketed Beaker -- Z651575
Quickfit® Jacketed Beaker -- Z651583
Quickfit® Jacketed Beaker -- Z661559
Main connector parts are made from PTFE
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423823
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423831
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423858
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423866
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423874
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423882
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423890
Mellow yellow, beaker has durable color matte finish, has graduated scale
Aldrich Glass Beaker -- Z169153
Aldrich Glass Beaker -- Z169161
Non-graduated, heavy wall large glass beaker
Nalgene® PFA Beaker -- Z272736
Nalgene® PFA Beaker -- Z272744
Nalgene® PFA Beaker -- Z272752
Nalgene® PFA Beaker -- Z272760
Nalgene® PFA Beaker -- Z272779
Nalgene® PFA Beaker -- Z272787
Nalgene® PFA Beaker -- Z272795
Nalgene® PFA Beaker -- Z272809
PFA is unaffected by most chemicals, withstands temps. from -270C to 250C
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423904
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423912
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423920
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423939
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423947
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423955
Jazzy Beaker -- Z423963
Raging red, beaker has durable color matte finish, has graduated scale
Griffin-Type Stainless Steel Beaker -- Z155519
Griffin-Type Stainless Steel Beaker -- Z155527
Griffin-Type Stainless Steel Beaker -- Z155535
Griffin-Type Stainless Steel Beaker -- Z155543
Griffin-Type Stainless Steel Beaker -- Z155551
Griffin-Type Stainless Steel Beaker -- Z155578
Griffin-Type Stainless Steel Beaker -- Z155586
Griffin-Type Stainless Steel Beaker -- Z155608
Griffin-Type Stainless Steel Beaker -- Z155616
Stainless steel beaker, without handle
Graduated Stainless Steel Beaker -- Z155861
Graduated Stainless Steel Beaker -- Z155888
Graduated Stainless Steel Beaker -- Z155896
Standard weight, spun SS, with handle
Berzelius Graduated Beaker -- CLS1060100
Berzelius Graduated Beaker -- CLS10601L
Berzelius Graduated Beaker -- CLS1060200
Berzelius Graduated Beaker -- CLS1060300
Berzelius Graduated Beaker -- CLS1060400
Berzelius Graduated Beaker -- CLS1060500
Berzelius Graduated Beaker -- CLS1060600
Tall form, has spout for ease of pouring
Nalgene® Griffin Beaker -- Z130931
Nalgene® Griffin Beaker -- Z130958
Nalgene® Griffin Beaker -- Z130966
Nalgene® Griffin Beaker -- Z130974
Nalgene® Griffin Beaker -- Z130982
Nalgene® Griffin Beaker -- Z380377
Translucent polypropylene, low form, silk-screened graduations
Disposable Beaker -- Z245372
Disposable Beaker -- Z245380
Disposable Beaker -- Z245399
Disposable Beaker -- Z245402
Disposable Beaker -- Z245410
Disposable Beaker -- Z245429
Translucent PP w/ 3 dripless spouts, molded graduations. autoclavable
Nalgene® Griffin Beaker -- Z130885
Nalgene® Griffin Beaker -- Z130893
Nalgene® Griffin Beaker -- Z130907
Nalgene® Griffin Beaker -- Z130915
Nalgene® Griffin Beaker -- Z130923
Transparent polymethylpentene, low form, silk-screened graduations
Bohlender® Beaker -- Z607061
Bohlender® Beaker -- Z607088
Bohlender® Beaker -- Z607096
Bohlender® Beaker -- Z607118
Bohlender® Beaker -- Z607126
Bohlender® Beaker -- Z607134
Transparent, has spout & reinforced rim, thick-walled, smooth interior
Bohlender® Beaker -- Z607002
Bohlender® Beaker -- Z607010
Bohlender® Beaker -- Z607029
Bohlender® Beaker -- Z607037
Bohlender® Beaker -- Z607045
Bohlender® Beaker -- Z607053
White, has spout & reinforced rim, thick-walled, smooth interior
Duran® Beaker -- Z231789
Duran® Beaker -- Z231797
Duran® Beaker -- Z231800
Duran® Beaker -- Z231819
Duran® Beaker -- Z231827
Duran® Beaker -- Z231835
Duran® Beaker -- Z231843
Duran® Beaker -- Z231851
Duran® Beaker -- Z231878
Duran® Beaker -- Z231886
Duran® Beaker -- Z231894
Duran® Beaker -- Z231908
Duran® Beaker -- Z231916
Duran® Beaker -- Z231924
Duran® Beaker -- Z231932
With spout, graduated, meets ISO 3819 & DIN 12331 standards, low form
Duran® Beaker -- Z231940
Duran® Beaker -- Z231959
Duran® Beaker -- Z231967
Duran® Beaker -- Z231975
Duran® Beaker -- Z231983
Duran® Beaker -- Z231991
Duran® Beaker -- Z232009
Duran® Beaker -- Z232017
Duran® Beaker -- Z232025
Duran® Beaker -- Z232033
With spout, graduated, meets ISO 3819 & DIN 12331 standards, tall form