Sigma-Aldrich Datasheets for Watch Glasses

Watch glasses are circular, slightly-concave pieces of glass that are used by chemists to evaporate liquids and cover beakers during sample preparation. They are also used to hold solids during weighing.
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Product Name Notes
Watch Glass -- Z509191
Watch Glass -- Z509205
Watch Glass -- Z509213
Watch Glass -- Z509221
Watch Glass -- Z509248
Concave, clear annealed soda lime glass with fire-polished edges
Pyrex®Watch Glass -- CLS9985100
Pyrex®Watch Glass -- CLS9985125
Pyrex®Watch Glass -- CLS998565
Pyrex®Watch Glass -- CLS998575
Pyrex®Watch Glass -- CLS998590
Heavy-wall, borosilicate glass with fire-polished edge provides durability. May be slightly out-of-round due to O.D. variability.
Pyrex®Ribbed Watch Glass -- CLS9990100
Pyrex®Ribbed Watch Glass -- CLS9990125
Pyrex®Ribbed Watch Glass -- CLS999075
Molded-in ribs allow vapors to escape during boiling to eliminate pressure buildup. Meets EPA requirements for methods 3005, 3010, 3020.
Duran®Watch Glass -- Z231576
Duran®Watch Glass -- Z231584
Duran®Watch Glass -- Z231592
Duran®Watch Glass -- Z231606
Duran®Watch Glass -- Z231614
With fused edges. Manufactured from Duran borosilicate glass type 3.3 for maximum chemical and thermal shock resistance. Duran is a registered trademark of Schott AG.