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Buckaroos, Inc. Datasheets for Hand Saws

Hand saws are hand-held tools, either powered or manually-driven, that are designed to cut through softer materials. They accomplish cutting using a hard, serrated blade, or by using a wire with an abrasive edge.
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Product Name Notes
Blade length 24" - Teeth designed for fast cutting Great all-purpose saw
Features a new revolutionary tooth configuration that delivers clean cuts much faster than conventional handsaws Compact blade for easier storage and handling Comfortable hardwood handle with special square/miter feature built...
Fully hardened, tempered blade is designed to be strong and durable Teeth are designed to cut fast and won't clog Sharp tip for plunge cuts
Lightweight all purpose saw Non-clogging teeth Pointed blade for starting holes
Tempered high carbon steel blade with beveled point Blade cuts in both directions Intended for drywall but will cut most any non-metallic material