Esprix Technologies Datasheets for Waxes and Wax Compounds

Waxes and wax compounds are high molecular weight organic materials similar to fats and oils, except waxes are solid at room temperature (melting point above 45 C).  Waxes are used in sealers, polishes, inks, lubricants, binders and investment casting.
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Product Name Notes
Esprix Technologies realizes the complexities involved with dry electrostatic imaging formulations, which are commonly referred to those in the industry as toners. The Esprix team is made up of professionals...
Paraffin wax products offered by Esprix consist of straight-chain hydrocarbons with approximately 20-35 carbons per molecule, which results in molecular weights of approximately 300-500.
The specialty wax line includes products aimed at specific segments within the toner industry that feature purified fully refined paraffin waxes. These waxes are also very useful in TTIR (Thermal...