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Total Solar Pyranometer TSP-400
The Model TSP-400 Total Solar Pyranometer is a precision meteorological instrument that measures global (direct and diffuse) total solar radiation. It is ruggedly designed for long-term field use and available in either non-ventilated or ventilated configurations (Model TSP-400V). When properly characterized the Model TSP-400V meets or exceeds the World Meteorological Organization's requirements for high quality pyranometers (formerly called a secondary standard). The TSP-400's innovative design preserves the basic principle of total solar radiation measurement, that is, relating the incident irradiance to the temperature difference between a radiation receiver and a shielded thermal reference. However, the TSP-400 uses a rugged metal solar radiation-receiving surface, thermally bonded to a modern bismuth telluride thermopile, to make the temperature measurement. The radiation receiving surface is protected by two domes, which block long-wave radiation and prevent conductive cooling of the radiation sensing element. The double-domed configuration also keeps the instrument weather-tight. Instrument Development The TSP-400 represents a major advancement in the field of total solar radiation measurement. Historically, total solar pyranometers have relied on thermopiles (bundles of copper-constantan thermocouples) to measure the temperature difference between a radiation-receiving surface and a shielded thermal mass. The output voltage of a single thermocouple used in a conventional pyranometer is approximately 22 m V/°C, so many junctions connected in series are required to produce a usable output voltage.
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Technical Specifications

  Yankee Environmental Systems, Inc.
Product Category Weather Instruments
Product Number TSP-400
Product Name Total Solar Pyranometer
Weather Component Sensed Measures solar Radiation
Solar Detector Instrument Type Pyranometer
Device Classification Sensor Only
Wavelength Range Measured 300 to 3000 nm (3000 to 30000 Å)
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