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Turboprop Engine - Tyne - Snecma
Evry Cedex, Essonne, France
Turboprop Engine Tyne
The Tyne is a turboprop engine rated at 6,100 shaft horsepower. Produced by an international consortium comprising Snecma, MTU Aero Engines and Rolls-Royce, the Tyne powers the Transall C-160 transport and the Atlantic and Atlantique 2 maritime patrol aircraft. Over some five decades of operation, it has largely demonstrated its performance qualities and reliability. The Tyne is still in service with the French, German Italian and Turkish armed forces. Snecma provides through-life support for the engines deployed by the French air force and navy, and also calls on its extensive industrial capabilities to provide long-term support by repairing parts and modules.
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Product Category Combustion Engines
Product Number Tyne
Product Name Turboprop Engine
Engine Type Internal Combustion
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