S. Himmelstein & Company Mechanical Power Instrument, DC Voltage Transducers 723

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Mechanical Power Instrument, DC Voltage Transducers - 723 - S. Himmelstein & Company
Hoffman Estates, IL, USA
Mechanical Power Instrument, DC Voltage Transducers 723
Summary Superb instrument for dc output torque, force and pressure sensors, and frequency producing speed, flow and velocity. reads, displays, processes and outputs shaft torque, speed, power pump/motor head, flow, fluid power drawbar force, velocity, power fast, rock solid readings with high noise immunity 7,800 samples/sec for torque, head or drawbar force input 1 millisecond response for speed, flow or velocity input 6 full digit engineering display with user defined legends auto-scaled, selectable Voltage or Current analog outputs RS232/422/485 serial communications Details These advanced instruments provide engineering unit display of a high level (±1V to ±10V)) dc input and a frequency input. They also compute power and perform 21 functions including limit checks, tare, hold, and max/min capture. The alphanumeric readout can display measured and computed data, units of measure and test status. Transducer calibration is automatic, requiring no manual adjustments.
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Technical Specifications

  S. Himmelstein & Company
Product Category Signal Conditioners
Product Number 723
Product Name Mechanical Power Instrument, DC Voltage Transducers
Form Factor Stand-alone
Operating Temperature 41 to 122 F (5 to 50 C)
Differential Channels Yes
Accuracy 0.0100 % FS
Agency Approval CE
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