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Precision Eddy-Current Displacement Sensor - ECL202 - Lion Precision
Oakdale, MN, USA
Precision Eddy-Current Displacement Sensor ECL202
ECL202 noncontact displacement sensors using eddy-current technology offer high resolution measurement in hostile environments. Sub-micron resolutions for precision linear position sensor applications. DIN rail mountable electronics and threaded or unthreaded cynlindrical probes for easy installation. Vacuum compatible systems are available. Precise, High-Speed Measurements Linearity: 0.2% Typical Resolution (see Probe and Range below for specifics): Nonferrous: 15 kHz - 0.007%; 100 Hz - 0.002% Ferrous: 15 kHz - 0.009%; 100 Hz - 0.003% Bandwidth: to 15 kHz Convenient Output Interface and Range Selections Ranges from 0.25 mm to 15 mm Industry standard 0-10 VDC Output Setpoint Contacts Output CE Complilant Versatile, Useful Features Probe can be used in wet, dirty environments Push-Button Offset Push-Button Switch Threshold (Setpoint) Range Indicating LEDs Remote Offset and Threshold Activation User-Selectable Bandwidth/Resolution 100 Hz, 1 kHz, 10 kHz, 15 kHz (not available on 'e' version) Probes can be ordered as vacuum compatible. Life-Cycle Status: Active Export Requirements Because of high resolutions, exports of the ECL202 may require an export license. ECL202e The ECL202e has different resolution specifications, no bandwidth selection, and can ship without an export license.
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Technical Specifications

  Lion Precision
Product Category Linear Position Sensors
Product Number ECL202
Product Name Precision Eddy-Current Displacement Sensor
Sensor Technology Eddy Current Linear Encoder; Linear Encoder
Operating Temperature -10 to 400 F (-23.33 to 204 C)
Body Shape Cylindrical
Power Requirements DC Powered
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