Lion Precision Precision Analog Out Capacitive Proximity Sensor CPA100


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Precision Analog Out Capacitive Proximity Sensor - CPA100 - Lion Precision
Oakdale, MN, USA
Precision Analog Out Capacitive Proximity Sensor CPA100
The CPA100 is a high-precision capacitive, noncontact proximity switch with a nonlinear analog output. The analog output provides linear position sensor feedback while the precision repeatable switched output alerts operators and systems to conditions. Rectangular and cylindrical probes provide options for a variety of applications. Vacuum compatible systems are available. High-Speed Analog Output for Linear Position Monitoring 0-10 V Output 15 kHz Bandwidth Resolution: CPA100: 0.03% RMS @ 15 kHz @ mid-range Resolution: CPA100e: 0.3 µm RMS or higher @ 15 kHz @ mid-range High-Repeatability Proximity Switched Output Setpoint/Switched Output (Switch Closure) Adjustable Gain and Zero/Switch-Point Repeatability as low as 1 micron Configurable for Your Application Ranges Available: 50 µm - 12.5 mm External Gain and Zero adjustment connections DIN Rail Case Multiple Channel Sync (requires sync cable kit) Standard Probes can be ordered as vacuum compatible. Life-Cycle Status: Active Export Requirements Because of high resolutions, exports of the CPA100 may require an export license. CPA100e The CPA100e has different resolution specifications and can ship without export license delays. Proximity Sensors and Displacement Sensors Proximity sensors are often used for simple presence/absence detection - this is why they are often called proximity "switches." But some applications require higher performance measurement. Applications where the difference between present and absent may only be a few microns require higher resolution sensors than a typical proximity switch. The CPA100 can resolve a target's position to less than 50 microns and do so at up to 15 kHz. It also provides a nonlinear analog output to provide feedback proportional to the target's position.
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  Lion Precision
Product Category Linear Position Sensors
Product Number CPA100
Product Name Precision Analog Out Capacitive Proximity Sensor
Sensor Technology Capacitive Linear Position Sensor
Repeatability 5.00E-6 to 5.00E-5 mils (1.27E-4 to 0.0013 µm)
Operating Temperature 40 to 120 F (4.44 to 48.89 C)
Body Shape Cylindrical (optional feature); Rectangular (optional feature)
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