Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc. 12 GHz RF/Fiber Optic Receiver MP-5000RX


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12 GHz RF/Fiber Optic Receiver MP-5000RX
The MP-5000RX is a RF/Fiber Optic Receiver designed for antenna remoting and ultra-broadband RF transmission applications using singlemode fiber optic cable. The receiver utilizes a high-speed, low distortion PIN photodiode detector that provides Optical to RF conversion out to 12 GHz. The unit provides the user with status monitoring through the use of an onboard processor that communicates to a host computer over an RS-232 I/O interface. The I/O parameters include received optical power, temperature and alarm status. When the MP-5000RX 12GHz RF/Fiber Optic Receiver is linked with the MP-5000TX 12 GHz RF/Fiber Optic Transmitter, the combination provides an excellent choice for your ultra-wideband RF to Fiber Optic conversion applications.
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Technical Specifications

  Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc.
Product Category Fiber Optic Receivers
Product Number MP-5000RX
Product Name 12 GHz RF/Fiber Optic Receiver
Operating Temperature -40 to 185 F (-40 to 85 C)
Cable Type Single mode
Receiver Type PIN Photodiode
Responsivity 0.7500 A/W
Signal Output: Radio Frequency
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