Legrand Wiremold® 880MP Modulink Multi-Service Rectangular Floor Box


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Wiremold® 880MP Modulink Multi-Service Rectangular Floor Box -  - Legrand
West Hartford, CT, USA
Wiremold® 880MP Modulink Multi-Service Rectangular Floor Box
The Modulink Nonmetallic Floor Box from Walker Systems provides power and communication services directly to the workstation or to any open space location. The Modulink Floor Box is a gangable box that allows a one-gang floor box to easily be turned into a two- or three-gang box simply by ganging together individual boxes. This floor box has many applications, some of which are commercial offices, retail stores, malls, financial and government institutions. FEATURES TopGuard protection. Activation covers for the 880MP PVC box are TopGuard protected. These cover assemblies keep out water, dirt, and debris from the power and communication compartments. Multiple service capability. Eliminates the cost of a separate floor box and cover to accommodate communication service. Depth markings on exterior of the box. Makes floor box depth calculations quick and easy. Reduces installation time and labor costs. 1 1/4" [32mm] conduit openings. Provides the largest conduit feed in the industry. Meets customer requirements for greater communication cable capacity. Ratchet adjusting ring. Allows connection of cover flange without glue or mechanical fasteners. Reduces installation time and cost by providing 10° of post-pour adjustment of the cover flange. Conduit reducers and plugs provided. Allows direct reduction from 1 1/4" [32mm] conduit to 1" [25mm], 3/4" [19.1mm] or 1/2" [12.7mm] conduit. Reduces installation time by providing direct reduction and separate plugs by eliminating the need to cut out plugs to form reducers. Cubic inch markings on the interior of the box. No need to calculate cubic inch capacity for wire fill, saving installation time. Ratchet adjusting ring has built-in fiber storage. Provides bend radius control for fiber optic cables. Pass-through capability. Can feed multiple gangs from a single cable feed location. Reduces total installation time. Modular design and gangability. One SKU to order boxes with the ability to configure boxes as needed on the job site. Boxes and covers have been listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. to their standard UL514A, 514C, 514D, and Canadian standard C22.2. Datacom connectivity options. Accepts industry standard and proprietary devices from a wide range of manufacturers to provide a seamless and aesthetically pleasing interface for voice, data, audio, and video applications at the point-of-use. A wide selection of data and bezel options available for use with Ortronics ® TracJack ™ and Series II devices.
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Product Category Industrial Enclosures
Product Name Wiremold® 880MP Modulink Multi-Service Rectangular Floor Box
Type Junction Box
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