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Westborough, MA, United States
Automated SRC Test Analyzer. SRC CHOPIN 2
SRC is a standard method to characterize flour hydration qualities. Since its introduction in 2014, the SRC-CHOPIN has been widely accepted by the industry. The SRC-CHOPIN 2 is the next generation analyzer with improved usability and two newly established standard automated methods: AACC (published by Cereals & Grains Association ) and ICC. It delivers the same information as the manual standard method in a simpler and more precise and consistent way. TRUE UNATTENDED OPERATION The SRC-CHOPIN 2 is the only complete solution for the SRC method and is designed for simplicity and complete walk-away operation. Injection, shaking, centrifugation and calculation operations are carried out by the analyzer; the SRC-CHOPIN 2 frees up lab technician time and reduces operator induced errors. PRECISE AND REPRODUCIBLE MEASUREMENTS By automating the methods, the SRC-CHOPIN 2 provides more precise and reproducible results. Millers and bakers can now make confident assessments regarding their flour quality and final product requirements. Additionally, the improved data provide a common language across the grain and flour value chain, which establishes an outstanding basis for commercial transactions. EASE OF USE Operation of the SRC-CHOPIN 2 requires minimal training and is easily accomplished by any lab technician. They simply need to fill the syringes and the tubes and weigh the samples on the attached balance. The SRC-CHOPIN 2 performs the procedure and automatically calculates the results at the end of the test.
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Product Category Property Testing Equipment
Product Number SRC CHOPIN 2
Product Name Automated SRC Test Analyzer.
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