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Verve ® -  - KLASTECH GmbH
Dortmund, Germany
Verve ®
The revolutionary new Verve® laser from KLASTECH is the world’s most compact 266nm CW DPSS laser. Powered by KLASTECH’s patented impedance matching technology this laser delivers up to 100mW Pitch Perfect locked single frequency output in a rock solid thermally stable design. The Verve requires no water cooling, chiller or re-circulating nitrogen purge. The UV optics cavity is so small that we are able to seal this in nitrogen for life using industry proven vacuum techniques. Thanks to the ultra high second harmonic conversion efficiency delivered by the new technology, power consumption is limited to an astonishingly low 80W. Currently available in 25, 50 & 100mW output powers this is only the beginning, since the intra-cavity impedance matching technology offers outstanding scalability in the same compact package whilst still retaining the Pitch Perfect < 1MHz line width.

Technical Specifications

Product Category Lasers
Product Name Verve ®
Operating Temperature 15 to 35 C (59 to 95 F)
Laser Type Solid State Lasers
Beam Area 1 mm² (0.0016 in²)
Features Internal Power Supply; Polarized Output
Laser Power 25 to 100 milliwatts
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