Infineon Technologies AG Tunneling Magneto Resistive (TMR) Angle Sensor TLE5501 E0002

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Tunneling Magneto Resistive (TMR) Angle Sensor - TLE5501 E0002 - Infineon Technologies AG
Neubiberg, Germany
Tunneling Magneto Resistive (TMR) Angle Sensor TLE5501 E0002
Description: Tunneling Magneto Resistive (iTMR) technology is offering high sensing sensitivity with a high output voltage so that no internal amplifier – thus the sensor can be connected directly to the microcontroller without any further amplification. In addition, iTMR technology shows a very low temperature drift reducing external calibration and compensation efforts. The iTMR technology is also well known for its low current consumption. With the TLE5501 products, Infineon is currently launching the first angle sensor products based on iTMR technology. TLE5501 is available in two versions. The TLE5501 is a 360° TMR-based angle sensor that detects the orientation of a magnetic field. This is achieved by measuring sine and cosine angle components with Tunneling Magneto Resistance (TMR) elements. These raw signals (sine and cosine) are provided as a differential output signal and can directly be further processed within a micro controller. The large output voltage of the bridge renders any further signal amplification unnecessary. Summary of Features: Large output signals of up to 0.37 V/V for direct micro controller connection Discrete bridge with differential sine and cosine output Supply current: ~2 mA Magnetic field range (20 mT to 100 mT) Typ. angle error ~ 1.0 ° (overtemperature and lifetime) Designed for Safety: 2 independent dual channel sensors DSO-8 package Automotive qualified Q100, Grade 0: TA = -40°C to 150°C (ambient temperature) Functional safety: safety manual and safety analysis summary report available on request Target Applications: Angular position sensing Safety applications Steering angle sensor BLDC motor commutation

Technical Specifications

  Infineon Technologies AG
Product Category Tilt Sensors
Product Number TLE5501 E0002
Product Name Tunneling Magneto Resistive (TMR) Angle Sensor
Form Factor Element / Chip
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