Infineon Technologies AG Magnetic Position Sensor, Angle Sensor TLE5009 E1000

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Magnetic Position Sensor, Angle Sensor - TLE5009 E1000 - Infineon Technologies AG
Neubiberg, Germany
Magnetic Position Sensor, Angle Sensor TLE5009 E1000
The TLE5009 is an angle sensor with analog outputs. It detects the orientation of a magnetic field by measuring sine and cosine angle components with Giant Magneto Resistance (GMR) elements. It provides analog sine and cosine output voltages that describe the magnet angle in a range of 0 to 360°.The differential GMR bridge signals are temperature compensated and independent of the magnetic field strength to maintain constant output voltage over a wide temperature and field range. The analog output is designed for differential applications. The output voltages are designed to use the dynamic range of an A/D-converter using the same supply as the sensor as voltage reference. Product type TLE5009-E2000 and TLE5009-E2010 are intended for use in circuits with 5 Volts supply. Product types TLE5009-E1000 and TLE5009-E1010 are intended for use in 3.3V applications. Product types TLE5009-E2010 and TLE5009-E1010 have improved angular accuracy achieved by production trimming at two temperatures. Summary of Features: - 3V to 5.5V operating supply voltage - Low current consumption and very quick start up - Overvoltage detection - 360° contactless angle measurement - Output amplitude optimized for circuits with 3.3V or 5V supply voltage (type -E10x0 or -E20x0 respectively) - Immune to air gap variations due to GMR based sensing principle - Output amplitude constant over a wide temperature range: -40°C to 150°C (junction temperature) - High accuracy typically 0.6° overall angle error - AEC-Q100 automotive qualified - Green package with lead-free (Pb-free) plating Target Applications: - Rotor position sensing for electric motor commutation - Rotary switches - Steering angle sensing - Valve or flap position sensing

Technical Specifications

  Infineon Technologies AG
Product Category Tilt Sensors
Product Number TLE5009 E1000
Product Name Magnetic Position Sensor, Angle Sensor
Number of Axes 2
Form Factor Element / Chip
Operating Temperature -40 to 302 F (-40 to 150 C)
Tilt Range 360 degrees
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