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Standard VL - VL 2 P - EMAG L.L.C.
Farmington Hills, MI, USA
Standard VL VL 2 P
Five axes + turret with up to 12 tools + automation + optional changer 1/2 side. The VL 2 P is a two-spindle vertical turning machine with pendulum technology for parts with a diameter of up to 100 mm. The working spindles on the VL 2 P are mounted on the left and right of the machine body and complete the Z movement. The tool turret is located at the front and moves in the X-axis. The main focus in the design of the VL 2 P was clearly on reducing idle times. Non-productive times in the machine due to loading and unloading processes have been almost completely eliminated. The machine is ideal for workpieces with short machining times since the ratio of machining time to idle time is vital for the economy of the process.
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Product Category Lathes and Turning Centers
Product Number VL 2 P
Product Name Standard VL
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