Tinsley Precision Instruments Short Haul Submarine Cable Test Set 5910


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Short Haul Submarine Cable Test Set - 5910 - Tinsley Precision Instruments
Braintree, United Kingdom
Short Haul Submarine Cable Test Set 5910
The Tinsley 5910 is a portable Short Haul Submarine Cable Test Set that brings the latest technology to the tried and tested DC methods of cable fault location. Common test procedures which are associated with the location of cable fault such as "open circuits" and "shunt faults" are pre-programmed into the instrument. This allows the procedure to be carried out automatically therefore eliminating operator errors and reducing the uncertainty of fault position prediction. The instrument may be set for a range of voltages and currents making it suitable for use with most un-repeatered submarine communication cable systems. The RS232 interface is designed for full duplex communication with the instrument. All functions may be controlled via a computer and obtained data may be stored for future analysis. This interface may also be used to enable two 5910's to communicate with each other via a computer when carrying out double ended tests such as "no loss of current". A basic electroding generator function is included which can assist the cable repair vessel in locating the cable on the sea bed prior to retrieval and repair.
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  Tinsley Precision Instruments
Product Category Cable Testers
Product Number 5910
Product Name Short Haul Submarine Cable Test Set
Configuration Benchtop
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