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Infrared Thermometers - MODLINE 6 Series - Ircon, Inc.
Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Infrared Thermometers MODLINE 6 Series
The rugged Modline® 6 line of infrared thermometers delivers the best value in terms of price, performance, features and ease-of-use. These high performance IR sensors permit measurement of targets in harsh industrial environments that are otherwise inaccessible with non-fiber optic thermometers. The Modline 6 pyrometers feature advanced signal processing and background-reflected energy compensation capabilities on 62 and 6G Series. In addition, Modline 6 includes the 6R that operates in a two-color mode designed for intermittent targets and severe environments. The Modline 6 fiber optic infrared thermometers consist of a rugged fiber optic cable and re-imaging lens. The assembly is connected to an electronics housing containing the detector, processing electronics, brightly lit LED user-interface/displ ay and termination connections for field wiring. The fixed focus re-imaging lens consists of a small stainless steel cylindrical housing and lens assembly. The re-imaging lens accommodates an air-purge accessory to prevent lens contamination and the fiber-optic cable is protected by metal armor to allow for higher ambient temperatures up to 315°C (600ºF).
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  Ircon, Inc.
Product Category Noncontact Infrared Temperature Sensors
Product Number MODLINE 6 Series
Product Name Infrared Thermometers
Operating Temperature 32 to 600 F (0 to 316 C)
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