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Infrared Thermometers - MODLINE 4 Series - Ircon, Inc.
Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Infrared Thermometers MODLINE 4 Series
The Modline® 4 Series is an economical infrared sensor for OEM applications. This pyrometer requires two wires, a power supply (range of 16 to 40 Vdc) and an installed compatible output (recording or control instrument) to complete the instrument system loop. A number of instruments can be placed within the series current loop—provided that the total voltage drop for each instrument does not exceed the total loop voltage. The Modline 4 DC operation has no moving parts, which guarantees stable performance. The solid state electronics incorporates a chopper-stabilized amplifier, which assures long term, accurate, drift-free, stable operation. The instrument is available with 3 optical resolutions, allowing it to measure spots as small as 7.6 mm (0.3“). It can be calibrated in the field using a certified black body. The digital emissivity control allows adjustments in 0.01 increments and a response time adjustment pot (potentiometer) lets you select values from 0.15 to 10 seconds to match almost any process requirements. An optional Peak Picker Filter is available to provide smooth temperature indications and outputs when measuring intermittent targets.
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  Ircon, Inc.
Product Category Noncontact Infrared Temperature Sensors
Product Number MODLINE 4 Series
Product Name Infrared Thermometers
Operating Temperature 32 to 150 F (0 to 66 C)
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