Corning Optical Communications Fiber Optic Sealed Terminal OptiSheath® UCA Series


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Fiber Optic Sealed Terminal OptiSheath® UCA Series
Corning OptiSheath® sealed terminal, UCA series is designed for the aerial, pole, pedestal or buried fiber access network and provides a low-cost solution optimized for optical access architectures. The terminal offers 16 drop ports for flat drop cable, with eight ports per side and up to 6 ft of buffer tube slack storage. The UCA terminal has two distribution ports per side for in-line and branch splicing. The terminal can be outfitted with up to 16 OptiTap® connector adapters (preconnectorized), 8 ports per side, 12 OptiTip® ports for multifiber drops in a single port or with mechanical adapters that allow the sealing and strain-relief of individual flat drop cables for direct fusion splicing inside the terminal. It is not unusual for a customer to use a combination of both OptiTap connector adapters and mechanical adapters in the same terminal. The internal fiber management design allows for up to 6 ft of buffer slack storage in the base and the mounting of up to three splice trays (36 single-fiber splices or 144 ribbon). Terminal kit content includes one splice tray (UCAO-ST06), predetermined number of pigtails and cover loaded up with factory-installed OptiTap connector adapters, OptiTip adapters or mechanical adapters. The UCA terminals are a key item in an optimized access network infrastructure. 144 fiber cables or those with large central strength members (>4 mm OD), require part number SCF-MBR-CMS.
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  Corning Optical Communications
Product Category Electronic and Instrument Enclosures
Product Number OptiSheath® UCA Series
Product Name Fiber Optic Sealed Terminal
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