Columbia Research Labs, Inc. Piezoelectric Microphone P-308-C


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Piezoelectric Microphone P-308-C
The Columbia Model P-308-C Piezoelectric Microphone is designed to measure a wide range of varying high intensity sound pressure levels from 110 dB to 190 dB. Incorporating a unique "opposing" seismic system design, the unit is effectively insensitive to external vibration environments. This microphone offers unusually high charge sensitivity, wide frequency response and excellent linearity. The Model P-308-C features a compact design weighing less than 20 grams. The advanced stainless steel case design assures exceptional mechanical isolation and rugged construction for use under the most severe environmental conditions. Consult the factory for customized versions of this sensor. Features High Intensity Acoustic Microphone Operational Range 100 To 190 dB Hermetically Sealed Vibration Compensated
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Technical Specifications

  Columbia Research Labs, Inc.
Product Category Measurement Microphones
Product Number P-308-C
Product Name Piezoelectric Microphone
Nominal Size Other; 0.740"
Polarization Prepolarized Electret
Operating Temperature -100 to 300 F (-73 to 149 C)
Sound Field Pressure Field
Actual Size 0.7400 inch (18.8 mm)
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