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Cobourg, Ontario, Canada
Static Mixers Helical Mixers
These mixing nozzles are inexpensive, disposable motionless mixers that provide thorough, air-free blending of two-part thermosetting resin systems. They work equally well on dual cartridge systems and meter-mix-dispense machines. The materials do not meet until they enter the disposable mixer, thereby providing an environmentally friendly, solvent-free mixing solution. CAMMDA's static mixers are available in several dimensions with a variety of element types and inlet/outlet options. We also carry a complete line of accessories including shrouds, retaining nuts, luer lock adapters, and spreaders. Helical Mixers These "spiral-type" mixers are based on helical-element geometry, comprised of a series of helices in opposing rotation to each other that act as flow-splitting and shear-energy-creatin g devices for the materials passing through them. Benefits disposable No Solvents Inexpensive Interchangeable
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  Cammda Corporation
Product Category Fluid Dispensing Equipment
Product Number Helical Mixers
Product Name Static Mixers
Mounting HandHeld
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