SPIROL Datasheets for Threaded Inserts

Threaded inserts are blocks of material with a threaded hole that are pressed or molded into a part, usually made of a different material.
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Product Name Notes
Thread Forming Self-Tapping Inserts Reduced thread profile and coarse pitch minimizes radial stress and potential hole wall damage. The course thread also maximizes the pull-out strength of these Self-Tapping...
Brass threaded Inserts for Maximum Pull-Out and Torque Performance
Series 14 Tapered Hole — Tapered design for tapered holes for ease of location and reduced installation time.
Series 19 Straight Hole and Series 20 Flanged — Designed for straight holes to yield maximum performance with low radial stress.
Series 29 Standard and Series 30 Flanged — Symmetrical for ease of orientation and enhanced performance designed to maximize torque and pull out values.
Series 50 Symmetrical and Series 51 Headed — Press-In Inserts are designed to be pressed into a plastic hole without melting the plastic prior to installation. They offer rapid installation...
Series 65 Blind End and Series 63 Through Hole - Molded-In Inserts are designed for maximum pull-out and torque performance, and are often the Insert of choice for thermosets and...