Kalamazoo Industries, Inc. Datasheets for Cutoff Machines

Cutoff machines or chop saws are power saws that use abrasive blades to cut hard materials such as metal, concrete and tile.

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Product Name Notes
Kalamazoo Industries Inc heavy duty abrasive chop saws are perfect for cutting mild steel to hardened steel such as alloys either wet or dry. We manufacture abrasive saws that range...
Kalamazoo Industries Inc. industrial abrasive mitre chop saws are available to cut steel and non-ferrous materials and able to cut angles on material from steel to aluminum (non-ferrous saws only).
Kalamazoo Industries Inc. non-ferrous industrial saws are for cutting aluminum, brass, plastic , wood and any non-rusting material using a carbide tipped blade. We offer straight cut non-ferrous saws along...