Sanborn Technologies Datasheets for Water Filters

Water filters remove fine particulate and contaminants from liquids for beverage, food processing, and industrial applications.

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Product Name Notes
UF 3000 High-capacity Ultrafiltration System
UF 4000 High-capacity Ultrafiltration System
UF 5000 High-capacity Ultrafiltration System
UF 6000 High-capacity Ultrafiltration System
High-Capacity Ultrafiltration Systems UF 3000 • UF 4000 • UF 5000 • UF 6000 Sanborn's High-Capacity Ultrafiltration (UF) Systems employ wide-channel (half-inch) tubular membrane technology to separate water from suspended...
UFV-200T Tumbling Wastewater Recycling System UFV-200T Tumbling Wastewater Recycling System For pristine clarification of low solids systems The UFV is specifically designed with a seal-less vertical pump and 1/2 inch diameter tubular membranes to handle...
UFV250/500T Membrane Filtration System For Small Liquid Volumes
UFV250T Membrane Filtration System For Small Liquid Volumes
UFV250 Ultrafiltration System Membrane Filtration System for Small Liquid Volumes The UFV250T is a compact ultrafiltration system for the waste minimization. These systems are ideal for the disposal of oily...
UFV750T Compact Membrane Filtration System UFV750 Ultrafiltration System Compact Membrane Filtration System for Processing up to 1500 GPD The UFV750T is part of Sanborn Technologies line of compact ultrafiltration systems for waste minimization or process...