Mountz, Inc. Datasheets for Drive Sockets and Adapters

Drive sockets and adapters include individual products and packaged sets of removable wrench and interchangeable bit screwdriver attachments.
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Product Name Notes
1/4 inch Female Square Drive to Female Hex Bit Holder Magnetic
Ratchet Head Reversible TBIH - 52 Teeth 1/4 inch Female Hex
Screw RDA - M12
Screw RDA - M2
Screw RDA - M3
Screw RDA - M4
Screw RDA - M6
Screw RDA - M8
Since a damaged or misproduced socket can throw off your wrench or break and harm an employee, choosing the right socket manufacturer can improve your process control and productivity. Mountz...
Slotted Insert Bit 6F-8R
These handy tool accessories let you to connect various square drive size tools with different size sockets. Built to meet the rugged requirements of industrial users and maintenance technicians, the...