LS Industries Datasheets for Metal Media and Abrasives

Metal media and abrasives include metal shot or balls, cut wire, crushed metal grit, and shaped media for applications such as blasting, ball burnishing, peening, mass finishing (vibratory or tumbling), and deburring. Products are also used in bonded wheels and coated abrasives.
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Product Name Notes
Aluminum Vibratory Shaker Media "This long lasting media will last up to 20 times longer than most ceramic media nd saves money!" Perfect for: Electrical Rebuilders - Find it is excellent for degreasing starter...
S110 Cast Steel Shot -- 390001
S170 Cast Steel Shot -- 390002
S230 Cast Steel Shot -- 390003
S280 Cast Steel Shot -- 390004
S330 Cast Steel Shot -- 390005
S390 Cast Steel Shot -- 390006
S460 Cast Steel Shot -- 390009
S550 Cast Steel Shot -- 390026
LS steel shot is made of quality raw materials, not residue. The result is less dust and a much cleaner operation and longer media life. We offer soft shot and...