Thermocold Costruzioni Srl Datasheets for Heat and Energy Recovery Systems

Heat and energy recovery systems recover useful energy in one of several forms for use in a related or unrelated process system. This energy can be recaptured from heat, flow, pressure, and/or gases.
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Product Name Notes
Air handling units with cross-flow heat exchangers, equipped with two centrifugal fans and with a heat recovery system. Heating recovery capacity: 1.4 kW ÷ 19.4 kW
Heat recovering units with horizontal development equipped with two centrifugal fans and cross-flow heat exchangers. Heating recovery capacity: 3 kW ÷ 3.7 kW
Packaged air dynamic handling units with crossflow heat exchangers with centrifugal fans and hermetic scroll compressors. • Compressors scroll hermetic type. • Double suction centrifugal fans. • Air side heat...